Trustworthy Service

Deepening customer trust by offering quality products that ensure the desired results of our customers. Providing unsurpassed service while continuing to plan and organize for the future as well as vowing to be cost-effective while adding value to our company and shareholders.

Introducing People to New Possibilities

Broadening choices for customers by identifying new areas of business; work closely with manufacturers to maintain that the desired products are produced at the highest quality available, explore future possibilities with complementing businesses, and always challenging our products to new scenarios to maintain their integrity. Establish divisions of the company that concentrate on specific areas of demand.

We are Woman Owned and Operated

XLNT TINT is proud to be a certified woman owned and operated business.

Prince Georges County MBE#18-13508
WBE #1701741

Types of Products We Offer

Residential, Commercial, and Automotive window films that include sun control, insulation, security, anti-graffiti, decorative, and privacy solutions.


We are a professional window film and window tint installation company.

Our Mission

Delivering our mission requires Xlnt people who are concerned for our future, committed to Xlnt service, and independently working toward the mission we collectively desire.


The History of XLNT TINT

XLNT TINT of Mid Atlantic Inc. was incorporated in 2004 in Maryland.  The business began as a spin-off from XLNT TINT of Anaheim Ca., where Jeff Green and Mike Schuck began a window tinting business in 1988.  When demand for security film became so great on the east coast, they decided to open XLNT TINT of Mid Atlantic to handle the business. 

Caroline Hofer began working with Jeff Green in 2011 as his Office Manager.  When she was hired by Jeff, he made it clear that he would be heading back to the West Coast as soon as she was fully up to speed with the window film business.  Jeff was in the process of starting another window film company in Ca. with his partner Mike and he needed to return ASAP.  Jeff returned to Ca. later in 2011, leaving Caroline in charge of the business.

Over the next 2 years, Caroline continued to grow in knowledge and love for the window film business.  She had very positive experiences with Customers and Vendors and managed the employees very well.

Late in 2013, Jeff Green and Mike Schuck approached Caroline with an offer to purchase the business.  After a short deliberation, Caroline agreed to terms with Jeff and Mike and decided to purchase the business with her husband Eric as a minority partner.  The transaction was completed, and Caroline and Eric began operating the business, still known as XLNT TINT of Mid Atlantic Inc. on December 1, 2013.

Over 3 years have passed, and the window film business is now a full-time occupation for Caroline and Eric.  They continue to grow their customer base and they continue to earn large projects.  Here is a short list of some of the projects completed in the last 3 years.

  1. Rockville Md. – 6-story office building with 850 windows tinted with EXTERIOR silver film to transform the color of the building and reduce energy costs
  2. Rockville Md. – 6-story office building with 900 windows tinted with interior silver film, yielding 50% energy rebate
  3. Towson Md. – 6-story building with 600 windows tinted with dark metallic solar film
  4. Rockville Md. – Twin 6-story buildings, each with 650 windows, tinted with energy-saving low e window films.
  5. Baltimore Md. – 2 Naval Operations Buildings filmed with clear fragment retention film (400 windows)

XLNT TINT of Mid Atlantic Inc. primarily focuses on the following list of services.

  1. Solar Tinting to reduce heat load
  2. Security films for blast control and fragment retention
  3. Decorative films for interior glass walls and doors
  4. Custom Window Graphics
  5. Custom plotting
  6. Auto Tinting
  7. Marine Tinting