Residential Window Tinting

Windows are an exciting feature in a home that lets in natural sunlight and allows you to view your surroundings. What most people don’t realize is the sunlight entering your home can be damaging to furnishings, cause temperature imbalances, and increase the amount of electricity your home uses for air conditioning.

Temperature Control

Reduce hot and cold spots

Reduce heating and air-conditioning expenses

Increase personal comfort year-round

Safety & Security

Deter smash and grab crime

Protect against natural disasters

Protect from flying glass shards

UV Protection

Reduce fabric, furniture, and hardwood floor fade

Protect yourself and your belongings from UV damage

Decorative & Privacy

Enhance privacy in key areas, like bathrooms

Add decorative finishes to interior glass surfaces

3M window films are maintenance-free, vary in reflectivity (from no reflectivity to high reflectivity), range in color (from clear to silver), and most are backed by a national lifetime warranty offered through 3M.